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Sankari is presently pursuing her Bachelor of Laws with the Singapore University of Social Sciences. Sankari is a passionate individual who brings an abundance of experience and knowledge with her. Her diverse background and exposure to various areas of law and high stakes litigation makes her a precise and meticulous individual. Sankari is fast learner who is able to work in high pressure settings with ease and finesse. Her meticulous work attitude and keen motivation to learn is evident in her work that is comprehensive and stellar. Sankari has assisted various senior lawyers at all the avenues of law, from the State Courts to the Supreme Court. 

Sankari's early exposure to complex criminal matters that range from death penalty trials, judicial reviews, sexual offences to other less serious offences has ensured that she has a keen eye for detail. As a compassionate individual who looks out for the best interests of our Clients, Sankari's relationship management with our Clients ensure that they can rest a little easier. 

Sankari joined our family at Edmond Pereira Law Corporation in 2023 and has remained a steadfast and dedicated individual. 

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