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Lawyer Office

Our History

Edmond Pereira Law Corporation is a full-service law firm that provides services across a diverse range legal practice. Our lawyers are driven by excellence and their resolve to their cause ensures that we deliver results to our Clients. We are a team of competent and dedicated lawyers with commendable expertise and experience across a range of practice areas and legal services.


Established by Edmond Pereira in 1992, we have over the years honed our skills to provide a bespoke service, delivering clear and concise guidance and support to cater for the needs of each individual. We leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of justice. Our team is streamlined into Criminal, Civil & Commercial and Conveyancing departments to ensure that each of our capable members can excel in their specific areas of expertise. The wide range of matters that we handle ensure that our dynamic team is always abreast with the foremost developments in the legal industry and are able to advance our Clients' interests in a competent and diligent manner. 

Our strong criminal defense team has overseen and conducted various trials ranging from simple offences to capital offences. No matter how great or exhausting the ordeal, our dedicated team fervently pursues our Clients' interest with the highest integrity and passion. Our Civil department is a formidable force in Court and our able team members are thorough with their work and pursuit. We go beyond the call of duty to ensure that we are able to meet and often exceed the expectations of our Clients. 

At Edmond Pereira Law Corporation, we are committed to servicing our Clients' interest whilst keeping the highest honor of the legal tradition alive with integrity. Our experienced Executive Director, whom in his distinguished career has worn many hats as a Deputy Public Prosecutor, a District Judge and a Private Practitioner, ensures that our Client management and processes are structured to meet the highest standards of the industry. 


At Edmond Pereira Law Corporation, we believe in service with humanity, integrity and excellence. 

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