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Edmond graduated from the University of Singapore in 1976 with an LLB (Hons). His illustrious legal career spans more than 40 years and includes work experience in the Singapore Legal Service as well as in private practice. 

Edmond was a former Deputy Public Prosecutor and State Counsel in the Attorney General’s Chambers. He was also a District Judge in the then Subordinate Courts. Edmond joined private practice in 1988 and is a senior member of the criminal bar. He has served as a Council Member in the Law Society of Singapore and was the Chairman of the Law Society’s Criminal Practice Committee from 2000 to 2005. He was a member of the Law Society’s Inquiry Panel from 2001 to July 2004 and a member of the Board of Legal Education (now known as the Singapore Institute of Legal Education) from 2006 to September 2008.  

Edmond has an active practice in Civil and Criminal Litigation. He has been involved in several high profile civil and criminal cases. He handles a broad spectrum of cases ranging from Administrative Law, Sports Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law, Conveyancing and maritime related work for large business and public listed companies. He has also represented several parties in disciplinary hearings in the Singapore Law Society, Singapore Medical Council, and the Board of Architects Singapore.

He is appointed as Lead Counsel under the Legal Assistance for Capital Offences (LASCO) panel of the Supreme Court of Singapore and Assigned Counsel under the Legal Aid Bureau (LAB). As a veteran lawyer, the Courtroom is where Edmond truly shines and his stellar advocacy and precise understanding of matters often deliver the results our clients expect.

Edmond was awarded The 1st Legal Eagle Award winner by The Law Society of Singapore in 1998. He has also been recognised in Legal Who’s Who Singapore for Criminal Law by Asian Legal Business (ALB).



Graduated from the University of Singapore with a Bachelor of Laws (Hons)

Joined the Singapore Legal Service

1976 – 1978

Legal Officer in the Ministry of Defence


Admitted as an Advocate and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Singapore

1979 – 1986

Deputy Public Prosecutor and State Counsel in the Attorney-General’s  Chambers


Magistrate, Subordinate Courts

1986 – 1988

District Judge, Subordinate Courts

1988 – 1992

Partner, Messrs Assomull Pereira & Partners

1992 – 2012

Managing Partner, Messrs Edmond Pereira & Partners

2012 – Present

Executive Director, Messrs Edmond Pereira Law Corporation

Other Appointments/ Memberships


Maj (NS) in the Singapore Armed Forces

1981 - Present

President, Flash Athletic Club

1984 - 1986

Tutor, Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore

1987 - 2010

Lecturer on Criminal Procedure at the Post Graduate Law Course, Board of Legal Education

1990 - 1994

President, Patrician Society

1991 - 1993

Aide-De-Camp to the President of Republic of Singapore

1991 - 1993

Judge-Advocate, Singapore Armed Forces Military Court Martial


Member of the Advisory Committee – Publication, Ministry of Information and The Arts


Chairman, The Street-Kids Task Force, Youth Challenge Legal Advisor, Youth Challenge

1998 – 2000

Chairman, Board of Management, St. Patrick’s School

2000 – 2002

Member, Board of Trustees, IT Services Co-operative Ltd

2000 – 2005

Chairman, Criminal Practice Committee, The Law Society of Singapore

2001 - 2004

Member, Inquiry Panel, The Law Society of Singapore

2002 - 2004

Member, Disciplinary Committee, The Law Society of Singapore

2005 - 2007

Member, Council Member, The Law Society of Singapore

2006 - 2008

Member, Board of Legal Education

2009 - 2019

Member, Institutional Review Board, Republic Polytechnic

2010 - Present

Co-ordinator (Criminal Litigation Practice Course), Singapore Institute of Legal Education


Member, Singapore High Performance Sports (HPS) Steering Committee


Vice President, Chiam See Tong Sports Fund


Vice President, Chiam See Tong Sports Fund

Public Lectures

August 17-18, 2001

“Law and Sleep Disorders” at the 8th Singapore General Hospital – Stanford University Medical Centre Joint Update, Singapore

September 27, 2001

“Offences against Person” at the Housing Development Board – Annual Legal   Seminar, Singapore

October, 2001

“The Business Of Sport” at The Law Society of Singapore – The Sports Law Seminar, Singapore

October 10,


“Pleading Guilty” at The Law Society of Singapore - A Criminal Procedure   Evening Seminar, Singapore

December 12, 2003

“Criminal Law & Procedure” at the Lexis Nexis – Practical Legal Skills Series, Singapore

May 27, 2005 

“The Art of Family Lawyering” by The Law Society of Singapore, Official Launch of the Best Practices Guide

July 27-28,


Children & The Law Conference at Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel, Singapore

July 7, 2007

“Epilepsy and the Law” at The Singapore Epilepsy Foundation – Symposium for People with Epilepsy and their Careers, Singapore

March 14, 2008

SAL Law Debate “Litigation: A Man’s Domain?” at Supreme Court Auditorium, Singapore

May 10, 2012

“Criminal Procedure and Practice Series 2012, Topic 3: Making Sense of Sentencing” by The Law Society of Singapore

October 15,


Conference on "Drugs & the Death Penalty in South East Asia" at Melbourne Law School

November 6, 2014

Legal Leadership Development Programme (“L-Leap”) “Starting, Building and Sustaining a Small Law Firm Practice?” at Singapore Management University, Singapore

May 26, 2016

Singapore Judicial College “Grounds of Decision, the Dreaded and Desired: Through the Practitioners’ Lenses” at Viewing Gallery, Supreme Court, Singapore

July 14 – 15,


3rd Criminal Law Conference at Supreme Court Auditorium, Singapore

March 10, 2017

“Psychiatry and the Law: The Court or the Patient – Duty of the Psychiatrist in Criminal   Proceedings” at the Medico-Legal Forum – Supreme Court Auditorium, Singapore

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