At Edmond Pereira Law Corporation, we provide an extensive array of legal services. 

We recognise that legal issues in a globalised age are often multi-faceted and complex, ranging across various legal disciplines and jurisdictions. Our competent and committed lawyers strive to understand the specific requests of each individual client to deliver a seamless and practical solution, regardless of the complexity of the legal issues involved. Established for almost 30 years, we continually evolve to stay current and relevant. 

1 Admin Law.png
Administrative and Constitutional Law
2 Corporate Law.png
Corporate and Commercial Law
3 Criminal Law.png
Criminal Litigation
4 civil litigation.png
Civil Litigation
Conveyancing and Property Law
6 employment law.png
Employment Law
7 family law.png
Family Law
8 hospitality.png
Hospitality, Travel and Tourism
9 immigration.png
Immigration Law
10 landlord and tenant law.png
Landlord-Tenant Law
11 motor accident claims.png
Motor Accident Claims and Personal Injury
12 medical law.png
Medical Law and Ethics
13 Mental.png
Mental Capacity
14 sports.png
Sports Law
15 will law.png
Wills, Probate and Estate Administration