avethas Edmond Pereira






Edmond graduated from the University of Singapore in 1976 with an LLB (Hons). His illustrious legal career spans almost 3 decades and includes experience in the Singapore Legal Service as well as in criminal practice.

He is a former Deputy Public Prosecutor and State Counsel in the Attorney General’s Chambers. He was also a District Judge in the Subordinate Courts. In legal practice since 1988, he is a senior member of the criminal bar. He was a Council Member of the Law Society of Singapore. He has served as Chairman of the Law Society’s Criminal Practice Committee from 2000 – 2005 and was a member of the Inquiry Panel from 2001 till July 2004. He was a member of the Board of Legal Education from 2006 to September 2008. 

Edmond was awarded by The Law Society of Singapore in 1998 for The 1st Legal Eagle Award winner and Nominated as one of the Top Criminal Lawyer in Legal Who’s Who Singapore 2003, Asian Legal Business.


  • Administrative & Constitutional Law
  • Arbitration & Mediation
  • Bankruptcy & Insolvency Law
  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Criminal Law & Civil Litigation
  • Conveyancing & Property Law
  • Employment Law & Immigration Law
  • Family Law
  • Landlord & Tenant Law
  • Probate & Administration of Estates
  • Sports Law
  • Torts Law
  • Trust & Equity
  • Wills & Probate

Professional Background

1976                        Graduate of the University of Singapore, Bachelor of Laws (Hons)
                                Joined the Singapore Legal Service
1976 – 1978            Legal Officer in the Ministry of Defence
1979                        Called to the Bar
1979 – 1986           Deputy Public Prosecutor and State Counsel in the Attorney-General’s Chambers
1986 – 1986           Magistrate, Subordinate Courts
1987 – 1988           District Judge, Subordinate Courts
1988 – 1992           Partner, Messrs Assomull Pereira & Partners
1992 – 2012           Managing Partner, Messrs Edmond Pereira & Partners
2012 – Present     Executive Director, Messrs Edmond Pereira Law Corporation


Edmond has an active practice in Civil and Criminal Litigation. He has also been involved in several high profile civil and criminal cases. He also handles a wide range of cases from Sports, Criminal, Commercial, Conveyancing, Shipping, and many more for large business and public listed companies.
Edmond has also occasionally being invited to conduct public lectures in various organisations.

Selections of cases
1991 – 1992    Involved in a highly published case concerning the suspension of a National Athlete which raised issues                         in administrative law in Sports tribunal hearings.
1993                Appointed by the Supreme Court to conduct the Defence involving a Dutch National in Drug Trafficking.
                        Appointed by the Supreme Court to conduct the Defence of a British National, who was charged for the                         murder of a South African National in Singapore. “The Body Parts” murder case. The case attracted                                   wide publicity in Singapore and Worldwide.
1995                Acted for an Australian International footballer in a widely published criminal case.
                        Later that year, Edmond represented a World Body Building Champion in an IBF hearing in Montreal,                             Canada, on allegation on consumption of prohibited drugs at World Championships.
                        In the same year, Edmond successfully defended another World Body Building Champion (Mr.                                       Universe) on a false evidence charge.
1996                Acted in the Defence of the Master of vessel under the Merchant Shipping Act, for negligence                                            while navigating in Singapore waters, resulting in oil pollution in Singapore waters.
2002 – 2004   Acted for member of the Royal Family of the Kingdom of Cambodia in a successful litigation in                                        Bangkok against the Bangkok Post.
2004                Involved in the Defence of the biggest bank fraud case in Singapore.
2010                 Acted in an Accident Claim for a deceased, a Professor.
2011                  Represented a Company incorporated in the Republic of Seychelles in order to claim sums payable                               under a contractual agreement. Contested the Defendant’s right to set-off the sums owed. 
                          Acted for the Plaintiff in a claim against a Real Estate Agency on the principles of agency, negligence                               and vicarious liability for the misappropriation of monies by its employee. 
2012                  Represented an Engineering Company in the matter concerning a Scaffold Collapse at Bugis Station.
                          Acted for the Management Corporation Strata Title Plan on behalf of the Subsidiary Proprietors in an                               action against the developers and main contractors with regards to the inherent defects in the building.
2013                 Acted in the defence of a Russian National with regards to an alleged bomb threat on the plane.
2014                 Acted in the Defence of an alleged breach against United Nations Security Council (UNSC) Sanctions                              against the Democratic People’s Republic against North Korea (DPRK), and for carrying on a                                            remittance business without a valid license.  
                         Represented a former Director in the defence against his former Company in a corporate dispute                                    concerning unlawful restitution. 
2015                Acted in the Defence of an Estonian National for possessing property which was derived directly from                             another person’s benefits from criminal conduct.
                        Acted for the Defendant in a breach of contract involving digital forensics.
                        LASCO appointed Defence Counsel for a Capital Offence of Murder.
                        LASCO appointed Defence Counsel for a Capital Offence of Drug Trafficking.
2016                Acted in the defence of a General Practitioner in light of allegations of rape and outrage of modesty.
                        Represented a former Indian National current Hong Kong Citizen, in an extradition order to India. 
2017                Acted in the defence of a Medical Practitioner who was accused to have outraged the modesty of a                               patient during liposuction surgery. 
                        Acted for the defendant in the case of tax evasion by falsifying GST returns.
                        Advised a Singapore Incorporated Oil Company on whether its businesses were in breach of United                               Nations Security Council Sanctions (UNSC) against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)

Other Appointments/MEMBERSHIP

                            Maj (NS) in the Singapore Armed Forces
1981- Present    President, Flash Athletic Club
1984 – 1986       Tutor, Law Faculty, National University of Singapore
1987 – 2010       Lecturer on Criminal Procedure at the Post Graduate Law Course, Board of Legal Education
1990 – 1994      President, Patrician Society
1991 – 1993       Aide-De-Camp to the President of Republic of Singapore
1991 – 1993        Judge-Advocate, Singapore Armed Forces Military Court Martial
1993                   Member of the Advisory Committee – Publication, Ministry of Information and The Arts
1998                    Chairman, The Street-Kids Task Force, Youth Challenge
                             Legal Advisor, Youth Challenge
1998 – 2000       Chairman, Board of Management, St. Patrick’s School
2000 – 2002       Member, Board of Trustees, IT Services Co-operative Ltd
2000 – 2005       Chairman, Criminal Practice Committee, The Law Society of Singapore
2001                     Chairman, The Sports Law Seminar “The Business Of Sport”, The Law Society of Singapore
2001 – 2004        Member, Inquiry Panel, The Law Society of Singapore
2002 – 2004       Member, Disciplinary Committee, The Law Society of Singapore
2005 to 2006      Member, Council Member, The Law Society of Singapore
2006 to 2008      Member, Board of Legal Education
2009 – Present  Member, Institutional Review Board, Republic Polytechnic
2011                      Senior Teaching Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Legal Education
Present               Member, Singapore High Performance Sports (HPS) Steering Committee
Present               Member, Criminal Legal Aid Scheme (CLAS)
Present               Assigned Counsel, Legal Aid Bureau (LAB)
Present               Lead Counsel, Legal Assistance for Capital Offences (LASCO)
Present               Notary Public and Commissioner For Oaths

Public Lectures

1984 – 1986                  Lecturer at the University of Singapore, Law Faculty
August 17-18, 2001      “Law and Sleep Disorders” at the 8th Singapore General Hospital – Stanford University Medical                                        Centre Joint Update, Singapore
September 27, 2001    “Offences against Person” at the Housing Development Board - Annual Legal Seminar,                                                    Singapore
October 10, 2003         “Pleading Guilty” at The Law Society of Singapore - A Criminal Procedure Evening Seminar,                                               Singapore
December 12, 2003    “Criminal Law & Procedure” at the Lexis Nexis – Practical Legal Skills Series, Singapore
May 27, 2005                “The Art of Family Lawyering” by The Law Society of Singapore, Official Launch of the Best                                               Practices Guide
July 27 - 28, 2005        Children & The Law Conference at Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel, Singapore
July 7, 2007                  “Epilepsy and the Law” at The Singapore Epilepsy Foundation – Symposium for People                                                   with Epilepsy and their Careers, Singapore
March 14, 2008            SAL Law Debate “Litigation: A Man’s Domain?” at Supreme Court Auditorium, Singapore
May 10, 2012                “Criminal Procedure and Practice Series 2012, Topic 3: Making Sense of Sentencing” by The                                         Law Society of Singapore
October 15, 2013          Conference on "Drugs & the Death Penalty in South East Asia" at Melbourne Law School
November 6, 2014       Legal Leadership Development Programme (“L-Leap”) 
                                       “Starting, Building and Sustaining a Small Law Firm Practice?” at Singapore Management                                               University, Singapore
May 26, 2016                Singapore Judicial College “Grounds of Decision, the Dreaded and Desired: Through the                                                  Practitioners’ Lenses” at Viewing Gallery, Supreme Court, Singapore
July 14 – 15, 2016         3rd Criminal Law Conference at Supreme Court Auditorium, Singapore
March 10, 2017             Medico-Legal Forum at Supreme Court Auditorium, Singapore